Clear Cut Press is bringing it's experience in book publishing and journalist relationships to the legal industry. Announced in 2019 we will be offering publicity services for attorneys operating in the U.S.. Now offering professional publishing of white paper case briefs, law firms can tap into our portfolio of professional journalists from among the nations top publishers looking for stories. Learn how we can help your law practice get more exposure, make an impact and bring their newsworthy to the attention of top reporters.

If you are interested in learning about the services we provide, and are a legal professional looking to acquire press for your accomplishments, we'd like to hear from you.

Reaching influencers has never been more important, and firms involved in impactful litigation who would like the public to know about it should act now. A simple press release summarizing your settlement won't cut it in this day and age. It's relationships with bloggers, influencers and reporters that provides the high quality media mentions that make the difference. If you are current client you will still get nvitations to Clear Cut Press events..

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our current subscribers, as your continued support allows us to continue our work.

While moving forward we will be focusing on legal news, the court system and earned publicity - we still acknowledge our roots and the journey to get where we are today. Our goal is a simple one - to make it affordable and effective for solo lawyers and small firms to compete with Big Law. Your support helps us continue this work.

Clear Cut Press is being developed into the premiere law firm publicity service of our time.

The Best Trial Attorneys Work
What Makes Good, Great in Court

Thoughtful, curious stories of courtroom fights and the lessons learned from the recognized best in complex litigation..

Lawsuit Legal
Personal Injury Law For The People

Thoughtful, quality training ethical and compassionate practicing of personal injury law. A litigation brief outlining the process for legal professionals looking to expand their practice area.

Accident Data White Paper
Legal Considerations in Accident Law

An industry brief examining causes and statistics as well as lawsuit resolution information drawn from government data.